Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, groups of 10 or more receive an additional 5% off our Special Rates when you reserve 24 hours in advance by calling us direct 303-567-2044.

Yes we do!

You will receive our Special Rates if you reserve your equipment online at least 24 hours in advance.

If you call and reserve a specific ski, we will make every effort to try and arrange for that ski to be saved for you. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every ski will be available as sometimes a ski is damaged/broken or the previous renter has not returned it yet.

Sure. There is no charge for picking up your equipment the afternoon before you will be skiing. (This does not apply if you are skiing that evening.)

You can call us anytime during our business hours to make a reservation, but we prefer at least 24 hours to setup your equipment before you get here. Online reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to receive a 20% discount.

We will need your Name, Address, Telephone Number, and Email Address as well as the Dates that you will pick-up and return the equipment. Then, for each skier we need their Name, Gender, Age, Weight, Height, Skier Type, Ski Package and shoe size. For each snowboarder, we need their Name, Gender, Weight, Height, Age and shoe size. It is very important that all this information is accurate!

You can make your reservations right here by clicking on the Reserve Skis Online button or you can just call us. But first…please make sure that you have gathered all the required information.

Snowblades (sometimes called ski boards) are a good alternative for someone who just wants to have fun and get around easily. These are not as versitle as skis though. Because they are so short and have less surface area, they are not very stable at moderate to higher speeds and do not work well in powder conditions.

Shaped skis (sometimes called hour-glass or parabolic skis) are for everyone regardless of ability. Because these skis have wider tips and tails and deeper side-cuts than the old skis, they turn with less effort. This means less fatigue and more fun! Since these skis work much better than the old straight skis, most ski manufacturers only make shaped skis now.

No, snowboard bindings are not designed nor intended to release.

Generally, the board should be somewhere between your shoulder and your nose. Longer boards are more stable and shorter boards are more maneuverable.
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