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Tuning & Repair

Full Tune $55.00
Full tunes includes filling in scratches with P-Tex, belt sanding, edge sharpening, stone grinding, and hot wax.CORE SHOTS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE, ADDITIONAL RATES WILL APPLY

Mid-Level Tune $40.00
Mid-Level tunes include belt sanding, edge sharpening, and hot wax.

Quick Tune $25.00
Quick Tunes include edge sharpening, and hot wax.

Hot Iron Wax $15.00
A hot iron wax allows the wax to penetrate deeply into the base.

Quick Hot Wax $Free
We use a hot belt waxer to put a thin layer of wax on the base.

Binding Mounting $45.00
This includes mounting, adjusting, and testing your ski bindings. Please call for details.

Binding Remount $45.00

Binding Adjust & Function Test $15.00
This binding test is required by the binding manufacturers if we make any adjustments to your bindings.

Ski Boot Fitting

Start the season off right with a Ski Boot Fitting…

Expert Evaluation and Analysis starting 10.00 Find and Fix your issues quickly and get to the slopes!

Boot liner heat molds $15.00
With our boot liner heat molding, we can make the fit more comfortable for you.

Boot Inspection $10.00
Buckle adjustment and Foot Profile to identify any problems and to ensure you know your own foot profile, so you know what boots will fit your foot best.

Plastic modification – starting at $10.00.
Plastic modification on Fordome Grinder to accommodate width and profile issues including bone spurs, ankle pressure and race fits.

Refit Options – starting at $5.00, plus tax. Labor can be up to $30 per a hour.
Refit options including modifications including, Bontex shims, heel lifts, shin and ankle pads that can be modified to your specific needs for a more comfortable day on the slopes.

We can special order and install parts including Buckles, Ratchets, Heels and Toes on request! Pre-order is required and parts can take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive and be installed.

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